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Are you a businessman in Vermont? Do you have your own commercial building? Real property is a business asset that should not be overlooked. It should be well-maintained so that the company can maximize its use.

Most commercial buildings have flat roofs for the simple reason that it is safer and more cost-effective. With a large surface area, it would be easier for a service man to walk on a flat surface than a sloped one. But the problem with a flat roof is its tendency to pool water when it rains. Long standing water on a flat roof can cause damage to the structure and later cause water leaks.

Flat roofs are mostly made of cement or concrete, but there are also some made of metal. Each type has its own pros and cons as well as recommended maintenance procedures. If you get an expert from Melbourne Roof Specialist to inspect your property, he knows exactly what to look for on your flat roof and what repair or maintenance procedures to recommend.

Flat Roof Repairs

What are the signs that your flat roof needs repairs aside from obvious water leaks? Do you see bubbles or blisters on the roof membrane? Do you notice any puddle or standing water after a rainfall? Are there debris, leaves or moss growth clogging the gutters resulting in water overflow? If you answered yes to the previous questions, it’s time to contact a professional roofer to take care of the pending problems.

Roof Sealing

Flat roofs usually have a layer of waterproof membrane applied over it. It may be made of polymer or synthetic rubber like EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer). The purpose of this membrane is to keep water out so the roofing structure is not compromised. If this membrane is damaged, water can seep through the roof and cause water leaks. A roofing service man can take care of the problem by sealing the roof with the appropriate material.

Flat Metal Roof

Some commercial buildings come with flat metal roofs because metal is light weight and capable of reflecting UV light. One problem with this type of roofing is the possibility of water seeping through the seams, loose nails/screws and fasteners. Another problem is when the roof sags as a result of the pooling of heavy water. These problems must be dealt with right away while the problem is small and repair costs less.

All these cases of roof repair are not a job for an amateur. Only a roofing expert can do the work perfectly. So, get in touch with Melbourne Roof Specialist to find out more information about flat roof repairs and get a free quote.

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Roof specialists replaced our sagging old tiled roof with a new colourbond roof. They worked really well with our carpenter and communicated well before and during the project. We are really happy with the end result. Their pricing was competive and we definately recommend them.

Amanda W
Great team, and seamless experience. The team kept me up to date and the work done was thorough, and to a high quality. Highly recommended. Restored our late 70’s tiled roof to look like new. Neighbors have all commented how great it now looks.

Peter Pianta
I had a number of roofing tradespeople who had repaired and replaced sections of my roof in the past and I had not been overly happy with the quality of work completed. After making the tough decision to replace the entire roof, I turned to the roof specialist for assistance. Whilst not the cheapest, they were competitively priced and in terms of the outcome achieved, great value for money. The team was fast, efficient, tidy and the finish was excellent. One could not ask for much more.

Steven Wilson

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