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If you have plans to live in Glen Waverley for many years with your family, you need to have a safe and comfortable place to live in. One question that homeowners should ask themselves is ‘When was the last roof maintenance done?’ If you’re looking for reputable roofers to do this work, Melbourne Roof Specialist is ready to help.

If you bought your house with newly installed roofing, you may think that maintenance is not yet necessary. This may be so in a year or two, then basic roof maintenance is recommended 1 to 2 times a year. The longevity of the roof does not only depend on the type of material used. It also depends on the environmental elements that it is subjected to – heat of the sun, rain, snow, humidity, etc. If the roof is not properly maintained, it will not last long as it is supposed to.

A homeowner can do some basic maintenance steps, such as, cleaning debris and leaves that may clog the gutter or the valley or cutting overhanging tree branches. But most often, the work requires the skills and experience of expert roofers. Yes, you may consider it as a DIY project, but are you willing to take the risk? Expert roofers have the proper equipment to do the work up there safely. They know the exact steps and needed materials so that the job gets done right the first time.

So, if you need help with making sure that your roof stays in good condition, Melbourne Roof Specialist is offering the following roof maintenance services in Glen Waverley:

De-mossing and Pressure Washing

Tile roofs made of clay commonly attract the growth of moss and lichen. If not removed, your roofing will easily lose its luster and may deteriorate faster. There are different considerations when doing moss-removal — with or without the use of a cleaning agent; the use of a pressure washer at a specific pressure; the manner of spray cleaning; and the use of moss-retardant. A roof expert will know which one is the best method for your type of roofing.

Tiles and Ridge Cap Replacement

In the event of a storm, inspect the roof to see if there are tiles or ridge caps missing or broken. If there are, replace them immediately to avert the problem of having water leaks. It is also better to replace just a few tiles now than to replace a whole section of tiles later.

Replace Flashing, Fasteners, Screws and Rivets

Colorbond roofs are rust-proof so it will take a long time before these metal sheets will need replacement. However, the flashing may be damaged while the fasteners, screws and rivets may be loose or missing. These need to be repaired or replaced to avoid the usual problem of leaking. Sometimes, resealing is necessary to make sure the roof is weather-tight.

If there are other types of roof repair needed, just call and ask Melbourne Roof Specialist for more information. With experts on top of the problem, you can just relax and enjoy life in Glen Waverley.

Dine in one of the restaurants and cafes in Kingsway, the main street of Glen Waverley.  Watch a movie at the Century City Walk cinema multiplex or go shopping at the Glen Shopping Centre. If your family likes going outdoors, then go biking at the Scotchmans Creek Train or play with your kids at the Central Reserve play areas.


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Roof specialists replaced our sagging old tiled roof with a new colourbond roof. They worked really well with our carpenter and communicated well before and during the project. We are really happy with the end result. Their pricing was competive and we definately recommend them.

Amanda W
Great team, and seamless experience. The team kept me up to date and the work done was thorough, and to a high quality. Highly recommended. Restored our late 70’s tiled roof to look like new. Neighbors have all commented how great it now looks.

Peter Pianta
I had a number of roofing tradespeople who had repaired and replaced sections of my roof in the past and I had not been overly happy with the quality of work completed. After making the tough decision to replace the entire roof, I turned to the roof specialist for assistance. Whilst not the cheapest, they were competitively priced and in terms of the outcome achieved, great value for money. The team was fast, efficient, tidy and the finish was excellent. One could not ask for much more.

Steven Wilson

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