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The roof is an important part of a house that needs to be maintained. Many homeowners neglect this and only realize it when something needs to be fixed. If you have lived in Boronia for so many years and need the services of expert roofers now, Melbourne Roof Specialist can help.

Homeowners can certainly check and clean their rooftops as a maintenance routine. However, there are things that must be done to fix the roof and extend its lifespan that only expert roofers can do. If someone who is not an expert would do these things, it would only lead to frustration as the fix may not last long or there may be issues along the way, costing the owner more money. So, it’s better to have an expert do it right the first time.

Roof Restoration

Roof experts have received the proper training and experience to undertake all the necessary roof restoration processes. They know the risks that come with the job and so they are equipped with the right skills and gears to avoid accidents. They know the proper steps and suitable materials to use to deliver quality roofing work.

Perhaps you think you need some work done on your roof. Maybe you see a leak but you don’t know where it is coming from. You’ve probably noticed that the color of your roof isn’t that good anymore. You need an expert roofer to help you identify the problem, make recommendations and do the necessary work properly.

Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?

Leaks may be due to different issues with your roofing. It may be because of a cracked flashing, broken ridge caps or tiles, corroded metal sheets, clogged gutter, compromised sealant, etc.

A reputable roofer has many years of experience, so he can help you find the real cause of a leak. It is also best if he will do the necessary fixes as it will be faster and better.

If you have tiled roofing, the following fixes may be needed: replace broken tiles, rebedding, repointing, de-mossing, pressure cleaning, resealing and repainting. If you have metal roofing, rust treatment, patching or metal sheet replacement, resealing and repainting are usually necessary. Other roofing jobs like cleaning and/or replacing valleys, gutters and downpipes may also be required to ensure that your entire roofing is in good condition.

The scope of the job will depend on the assessment made by the roofer. He can tell you if it is better and more economical to repair and restore the roof or to make a complete roof replacement. If you want to avoid the latter option, be sure to regularly maintain your roofing.

So, get in touch with Melbourne Roof Specialist now and schedule a free roof inspection and quote.

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Roof specialists replaced our sagging old tiled roof with a new colourbond roof. They worked really well with our carpenter and communicated well before and during the project. We are really happy with the end result. Their pricing was competive and we definately recommend them.

Amanda W
Great team, and seamless experience. The team kept me up to date and the work done was thorough, and to a high quality. Highly recommended. Restored our late 70’s tiled roof to look like new. Neighbors have all commented how great it now looks.

Peter Pianta
I had a number of roofing tradespeople who had repaired and replaced sections of my roof in the past and I had not been overly happy with the quality of work completed. After making the tough decision to replace the entire roof, I turned to the roof specialist for assistance. Whilst not the cheapest, they were competitively priced and in terms of the outcome achieved, great value for money. The team was fast, efficient, tidy and the finish was excellent. One could not ask for much more.

Steven Wilson

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