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Buying a home in Knoxfield or anywhere else is a big investment. Therefore, it is important for homeowners to make sure that their properties are well taken care of. Roof maintenance is often neglected for the simple reason that it is not within easy reach. But a neglected roof presents many problems in the long run. If leaks are only noticed because of a visible stain or discoloration on the ceiling, that means the damage is already serious and repairs will cost a lot more.

Don’t compromise your family’s safety. If you need someone to assess the condition of your roof right now, Melbourne Roof Specialist have trained roofers available in Knoxfield.

Serious roof damage can be prevented with regular inspection and maintenance. Doing so will cost a lot less than having to spend on bigger repairs or roof replacement later on. A professional roofer can spot early when there’s a pending issue with the condition of your roofing. And in general, the following roofing services are recommended to avoid potential sources of roof leaks and damages:

Roof Cleaning

Not cleaning roof debris and loose leaves can leave stains on your roof. And if they collect on gutters and valleys, they can cause water overflow and more staining. For tile roofs, growing moss and lichen should also be removed to avoid unpleasant discoloration and damaged tiles.

Repair Minor Roof Leaks

When there are minor problems on the roof like loose screws and fasteners, these should be fixed right away. Colorbond or painted roofs do not corrode easily, but loose or missing screws and fasteners may become the start of rusting and water leaks. For tile roofs, when there are broken tiles or damaged pointing, these should be repaired immediately.

Roof Sealing

Sealing a roof adds a layer protection so that the roof can withstand the sun’s heat, rain and snow and last longer as it is expected. It also helps to prevent mold and lichen growth because of its water-proof property. In case the roof sealant is found to have damages as a result of wear and tear, it is best to have roof re-sealing done.

A homeowner can decide to take on these roof maintenance work. However, if there’s lack of confidence and skill in taking on the tasks, it is better to find a more qualified person to do them. 

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As for activities involving roofing repairs and maintenance, you can just let Melbourne Roof Specialist do the work for you. Call or send an email to get more information on the different roofing services offered. Then, you can go back to doing what you love like shopping at the Anne Road shops on Anne Road or the Knoxfield shops on Ferntree Gully Road.


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