Asbestos Removal

Asbestos was a very popular building product during the 1950s and ’60s. It was mined, manufactured, and used extensively in Australia’s construction and building industry during this period.

Asbestos is a very hazardous fibre that has life-threatening dangers. At Roof Specialist, we take asbestos roof removal very seriously; our procedures meet both WorkSafe Victoria and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) standards. We’re the most professional, trustworthy and safe asbestos roof removalists in Melbourne.

When our team of roofing specialists take on an asbestos roof replacement job, we wear specialised protective clothing, gloves and face masks. Then we vacuum the area to ensure no fibres or hazardous materials are left behind.

We provide you with an Asbestos Clearance Certification on completion.

Removing asbestos allows you to add thousands of dollars to your property’s value by installing a new Colorbond roof.

For further information on the dangers of Asbestos go to Asbestos Wise

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    If you’re in Melbourne, Victoria and in need of professional asbestos roof removal service, Roof Specialist can help!

    Asbestos Roof Replacement Specialists!

    There are heavy rules, regulations and protocols surrounding the removal and replacement of old asbestos-riddled roofs, it’s crucial that you don’t try to do this yourself. In fact, it’s illegal. That’s where Roof Specialist comes in! We’re qualified and trained to deal with asbestos roof removal and replacement safely and securely to keep you, your family and the community safe from hazardous asbestos fibres.

    The following are just some reasons why you need to remove asbestos from your roofing:

    • Ensure no asbestos related illness from asbestosis, lung cancer to mesothelioma happens to your family or visitors
    • Increase the value of your property
    • Stops airborne fibres floating around your property
    • Remove excess weight to your roof structure
    • Safeguard collected rainwater tank from contamination

    We can also provide you with an affordable competitive quote for a new Colorbond roof replacement. Rest assured, the team at Roof Specialist is expertly trained and equipped with all the necessary tools for an asbestos roof replacement service that can’t be beaten. It’s time to get rid of your asbestos roof and replace it with something more superior that’s more secure such as Colorbond! Contact us today to learn more about asbestos roof removal services.

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    Why Choose Roof Specialist for Asbestos Roof Replacement


    We’re a team of highly-skilled and certified roofing specialists holding the following qualifications; Housing Industry Association (HIA), Victoria Building Authority (VBA) registered builder, VBA roof plumbing licence, Master Builders, Certificate IV roof plumbing, Asbestos Awareness and more.


    To ensure your peace of mind, we’re fully covered by insurance including; plumber’s insurance, public and product liability up to $20 million and Workcover.


    We offer a number of guarantees and warranties including; a ten-year guarantee of our workmanship, a 20-year materials warranty from Bluescope Steel, a Compliance Certificate from the Plumbing Board is issued ensuring all work meets the standards required.


    Our team of expert asbestos roof replacement workers have more than 25 years of experience in roofing.

    Roof Experts

    All the roofers at Roof Specialist are qualified and licenced Roof Plumbers/Roof Tilers.

    Get Your Asbestos Roof Replacement Done Today

    If you have an old hazardous asbestos roof, it’s time to get rid of it! The more weathered your roof is, the more brittle it is and higher decomposition happens. Asbestos roof sheets become dangers to your home occupants overtime, creating airborne fibres from continuous exposure to the sun, rain and hailstorms. If your asbestos roof is damaged, deteriorating or deformed by fire, breaking, cutting, drilling or sanding, the more significant the health risk to your home.

    Let us take care of your asbestos roof replacement. Our trained professionals will carry out the job safely and efficiently and all at an affordable price. For free advice and send an email to
    Don’t wait; get your asbestos roof removal done today!